NROOGD can hold esbats as often as once a week, though that is not the norm. An esbat can be held on either of the horned moons, the new moon or the full moon. A mature coven or unassociated elder(s) will normally practice esbats once a month on the full moon.

We cast a circle, call quarters, invite deity to join us, have a working time and cakes and wine, after which the circle is opened. What makes our circle unique is that the predominance of the ritual is written in charms and poetry, and that each part of the ritual and its wording is integral to the ebb and flow of the energy of the total. It is extremely difficult to substitute someone else’s ritual pieces for one of ours, though not particularly difficult to add to the ritual. ln general its basic appeal is the amount of wiggle room that a capable elder can find within the ritual framework to make it their own.

Choice of male deity, the Mighty dead, and the guardians of the elements is up to the individual coven, though most of us would agree that the God is some version of the Lord of the Dance. It is worth noting that the early practice of our trad did not include a version of the God, that he came later; which is one reason that he is not so clearly defined.

We celebrate eight sabbats per year starting with Samhain, and followed by Yule, lmbolc, Ostara, Beltain, Litha, Lammas, and The Rites of Eleusis which replaces Mabon for us. Our Sabbat focus is based in giving energy to turn the wheel of the year; while our Esbat practice can be ecstatic, magical or both.

Like most of today’s pagans we believe that Magic is simply Science as yet unexplained, though Quantum Physics is quickly making that statement obsolete.